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Republic M! is a globally operating, digital, multi-channel, service provider of execution and software services. With experience in more than 50 countries, we have collaborated with clients from leading, global, pharmaceutical companies and local finance companies.    

April 2004, Republic M! was founded by Arnoud Kok and Peter Kreuger in the Netherlands. They had a number of innovative ideas, the most important of which was the modernisation of communication between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals (HCPs). Republic M! started with a new digital service based on a new digital communication channel for pharmaceutical companies: MedCall. MedCall is an online video call between pharmaceutical representatives and HCPs. Now MedCall is executed in various formats. Mainly used for sales, medical or educational purposes. After the Corona crisis, everyone now knows what it is to do video calls on a daily basis.

We have been doing this for over 16 years.

Our founders

Republic M! was founded in 2004 by Arnoud Kok and Peter Kreuger in The Netherlands. Their vision was more efficient and productive communication channels between pharmaceutical companies and HCPs. Prior to this, Arnoud worked in marketing in the pharmaceutical industry and Peter was already an entrepreneur with his company KCMC. As Republic M! developed, remote detailing became an important channel for pharmaceutical companies and projects grew internationally. Remote detailing is now a core channel for pharmaceutical promotion. In 2008 Republic M! UK was launched with co-founder Nick Lavery. Prior to this, Nick led the CNS Division at AstraZeneca UK. Republic M! Head Office is now led by Joeri Gaal, having previously worked at AstraZeneca.

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Our focus

After starting with one digital communication channel, Republic M! has grown into a digital multichannel communication service provider. The coming years Republic M! is focusing on the integration of all these digital communication channels.

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