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We offer a broad variety of digital execution services. To determine which services best meet the needs of our customers, it is best practice to start with behavioural objectives. 

Create a customer journey with integrated channels at each stage. Our programmes are able to successfully integrate channels & customer journeys. 

Remote meetings

We started building experience in the execution of remote meetings in 2004. As the years went by, we focused mainly on sales and education based on specific pharma and finance use cases. Our remote meetings services are also being referred to as MedCall, Remote Detailing, FinCall, webcall, or video calls.

Remote meeting use cases

These are the most common outbound remote meeting use cases in Pharma. With or without appointment scheduling support.

Outsourced eRep/eMSL
Independent of geography & disease area
Flexible: vacancies, project based, differential
Increase reach & frequency 
Dedicated eRep/eMSL
Independent of geography
Flexible: vacancies, project based, differential messaging
Increase reach & frequency
Hybrid eRep/eMSL
Increase frequency & customer facing time
Combine personal relationship with a content focus
Improve customer experience & impact

success factors

There are several aspects that are vital for the success of remote detailing. To achieve a goal, it is necessary to be aware of each critical success factor.

Targets | People | Language | Management
Mindset | Beliefs &Knowledge
Segments with the same needs | Evolving as conditions change

Remote detailing is useful in any therapeutic area

We have provided various countries within Europe with outsourced full-service Remote Meetings experience within almost every therapeutic area.

Oncology & Hematology
Rare Diseases
Infectious Diseases
Internal diseases

Ask the Expert

Use Remote Meetings to better serve HCPs with relevant content and to engage them even more with the information on your website or HCP portal. Enable HCPs to ask their questions directly via an 'Ask the Expert' button on your HCP portal.

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Republic M! is leading in remote detailing

We are industry-leading in Remote Detailing

Virtual Events

Our virtual event projects have a bespoke character and vary in size and number of attendees and speakers. We organize virtual events for our clients (internal meetings) and also for their HCP customers (external meetings).

Examples of virtual events projects (national, regional, or global) are:

Virtual Advisory Boards
New Product Introductions
New or revised Guideline Update meetings
Congress Update meetings
Discussion Group meetings
Study Update meetings
Formulary Update meetings
Annual Internal meetings
COVID-19 Update meetings

Virtual projects

We configure virtual projects to conform to the wishes of our clients. We understand how to work with their HCP customers. We inform the speakers and chairs, train and guide them before the meeting. We guide them during the meeting, and finally, we will review with them after the meeting.

Be aware, we utilize per project, various bespoke formats and different technical platforms. We work with best-in-class software solutions. 


For the execution of our projects, we work with dedicated Digital Project Managers and a Customer Support Center to make sure the virtual events will be successful. We spend 80% of our time preparing virtual events. We work based on our Standard Operating Procedures.  

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