Digital Multichannel Strategy


Republic M! started as a digital execution services provider. As we developed more digital experience within Healthcare, there was an increase in requests to provide input during strategic discussions with our customers. Both at headquarters level and local level. From that position, we are more likely to be involved in various digital multichannel communication projects. We understand our customers' needs, i.e., how to use relevant digital communication channels to achieve their goals.

We offer advice and are involved in the development and set-up of a variety of digital communication projects, here a few examples:

Roll out programs of new digital channels.
Customer journeys for digital channels: webcall, webinar, webcast, social media
Development of multichannel frameworks
Design of multichannel content distribution plans

Our customers involve us for our consultancy and advice, mainly because we have extensive experience within Pharma and Finance and more than 16 years of digital experience working for Pharma and Finance. With our advice, we focus on maximising behavioural change of the stakeholders in healthcare and finance through digital multichannel experiences.

How to effectively distribute brand plan content?

These are the deliverables of a customer journey workshop for local brand teams to distribute brand plan content to change the behaviour of your customers.

Behavioural ladder

A localised behavioural ladder to achieve desired behaviour for the most important target audience.

Content structure ‘ready to distribute’

A structure to cascade content from strategy into ‘ready to distribute’ content on touch point level.

Channel mix

An effective channel mix to distribute content assets according to the stage in the behavioural ladder.

Customer journey design

A customer journey to distribute touch points and change customer behaviour according to the behavioural ladder.

Customer journey execution structure

An aligned local structure with roles, processes & systems to execute the customer journey & track its behavioural impact.

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