Remote HCP Engagement


The objective of each Remote HCP Engagement is to change the behaviour of HCPs to grow sales.

Remote HCP engagement

Republic M! is differentiated. Programmes are structured with a behavioural impact model. Execution is with high quality people and intensive leadership to gain access to HCPs and change their behaviour.

Republic M! is differentiated

Customer quote: “We had several companies lined up as potential vendors. Remote is their expertise which gave us more confidence than if we engaged the others.”

Superior call quantity vs
industry benchmarks
Remote team accounted for 38% of activity with less than 10% of the resource allocation vs. field team.
Superior call quality vs industry benchmarks
STEM Good Sell outcome of 43% for launch brand which is one of the highest STEM audit outcomes vs. 21% industry average
Superior Return on Investment
~3:1 return on investment for remote team in recent primary care project
Significant growth in sales (+ 297%) and remote team contribution more than doubled to 60% of total sales in 9 months for a specialist programme

What do our customers say?

RM! Independent customer satisfaction research, January 2022, n = 16

Likelyhood to continue using Republic M! going forward
Degree of RM! specialism
Likelyhood to continue using RM! going forward

Remote HCP Engagement instead of Remote Detailing

We have provided various countries within Europe with outsourced full-service remote HCP engagement experience within almost every therapeutic area.

Oncology & Haematology
Rare Diseases
Infectious Diseases
Internal diseases

What do our customers say?

RM! Independent customer satisfaction research, January 2022, n = 16

“We are very satisfied with their services, as a matter of fact I have recommended them to colleagues in other teams”
“RM! does a great job at maintaining good communication and keeping their promises, and this is what matters to us”
“When dealing with RM!, you feel like you are dealing with the whole of RM!, meaning they’re much more focused and things get done quicker”

How essential is RM! Remote HCP Engagement to you?

Customers indicate an 8,0 on average

Promotional channel integration

Republic M! has expertise integration Remote HCP engagement with all other promotional channels

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Republic M! Group is leading in Remote HCP Engagement

We are industry-leading in Remote HCP Engagement


For the execution of our projects, we work with a dedicated high quality execution team to make sure the programmes will be successful. We work based on our Standard Operating Procedures.  

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